Challenge Cup / World Requirements

World, And Challenge Cup Eligibility requirements for North Carolina 2024

 USSSA  State Tournament eligibility requirements /USSSA State Aug 26/27 Walnut Creek , Raleigh                                    Team must have played in 4 USSSA events in North Carolina to be eligible for the USSSA State Tournament. (any exception must go through State Directors Office)

  USSSA  World Tournament    Any team that qualifies for the State tournament, and plays in the State tournament, will be eligible for the USSSA World Tournament. (any exceptions must go thru the State Directors Office)

USSSA Challenge Cup 2024 Season 2025 Event          To be eligible to play in the 2023 Challenge Cup Players must have played in 6 USSSA events These events can be in any state. (Challenge Cup exceptions will be made only for C divisions and above and for unusual circumstances (any division) and only at the discretion of the State office).

 Challenge Cup Coaches        Coaches will be named at the pleasure of the State Director. Participation in USSSA will be the primary factor in selecting a coach. Past coaches will not be exempt. The Challenge Cup roster will be subject to the 2022 Challenge cup roster rules. 

Examples…….2022 Challenge Cup allowed only 3 players from the same team. Players must live in the state they represent.


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