State Rules

State Rules

Teams may start with 8 and add up to 10.  Any added players must be added at the borrom of the lineup. No penalty for starting with 8 or 9.

Courtesy (Bandit) Runner

  • The Bandit Runner (BR) may be anyone on the roster.
  • The BR must be designated before the game begins This is tied to the player and not a position in the lineup or on the roster.
  • The BR will be the Bandit Runner for the remainder of the game. The BR may run for anyone at any time.
  • If the BR is also in the batting lineup, and his turn at bat occurs while he is on base, his position in the batting order will be an out. If the BR’s “Turn at Bat” occurs and the BR is ON BASE, an out will be recorded for his position in the batting order. There are NO exceptions. His “turn at bat” occurs when the previous batters turn at bat has ended. “Play Ball” or “Batter Up” need not be indicated for his turn at bat to occur. There shall be no other penalty other than an out.
  • The BR role may not be substituted. A Bandit Runner may be replaced on the base only by the player he is running for at the time. The Bandit Runner role is then lost for the remainder of the game.
  • If anyone other that the BR assumes a position on the base to run for another player and is not announced as a legal substitute the baserunners will be declared out.

Floating Rubber

  • Pitchers will not be required to “toe” the pitching rubber. They may be up to 6’ behind the pitching rubber and within the pitching box.


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