USSSA Who’s Your Daddy

  • Tournament Date
    Apr 27 2024
  • Entry Fee
  • Stature
    Qualifier - USSSA - Points
  • Admission

Tournament Division

Division Entry Fee Gate Fee Max Entries Teams

Event Ballparks

Venue Name Address Maps link
Ferguson Park 1401 Golf Course Dr, Gastonia, NC, 28054 Open in Maps
Venue Name
Ferguson Park
1401 Golf Course Dr, Gastonia, NC, 28054

Event Lodging

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Venue Name Address Dates Details
Ferguson Park 1401 Golf Course Dr, Gastonia, NC, 28054 Apr 27 Find Hotels
Venue Name
Ferguson Park
1401 Golf Course Dr, Gastonia, NC, 28054
Apr 27

Event Updates


Let it be said now, it is not good etiquette to pick up others balls in these types of events. If you are ball hunting and want to return all marked balls, great. If not, no not pick up a ball that is not yours. Ferguson has a locked fence, always see the director to get in, do not clime or shimmy your way to the balls. There are cameras and the police will be dispatched. 

April 27, 2024 - 01:42am



Teams may start with 8 and add up to 10.  Any added players must be added at the bottom of the lineup. No penalty for starting with 8 or 9.

Courtesy (Bandit) Runner

  • The Bandit Runner (BR) may be anyone on the roster.
  • The BR must be designated before the game begins This is tied to the player and not a position in the lineup or on the roster.
  • The BR will be the Bandit Runner for the remainder of the game. The BR may run for anyone at any time.
  • If the BR is also in the batting lineup, and his turn at bat occurs while he is on base, his position in the batting order will be an out. If the BR’s “Turn at Bat” occurs and the BR is ON BASE, an out will be recorded for his position in the batting order. There are NO exceptions. His “turn at bat” occurs when the previous batters turn at bat has ended. “Play Ball” or “Batter Up” need not be indicated for his turn at bat to occur. There shall be no other penalty other than an out.
  • The BR role may not be substituted. A Bandit Runner may be replaced on the base only by the player he is running for at the time. The Bandit Runner role is then lost for the remainder of the game.
  • If anyone other that the BR assumes a position on the base to run for another player and is not announced as a legal substitute the baserunners will be declared out.

Floating Rubber

  • Pitchers will not be required to “toe” the pitching rubber. They may be up to 6’ behind the pitching rubber and within the pitching box.
April 26, 2024 - 11:26am

Curfew avoidance!

We need teams to be ready to play 30 minutes prior to their start time for all games. Run rules are in effect for all games, as well as time limits (50 + finish the inning for pool, and 60 + finish the inning for bracket). Lets stay on track!
April 26, 2024 - 11:26am

Field Etiquette

It is imperative that the coach knows he is responsible for all his players, coaches and spectators! 

Coaches: Only rostered players on the field and in the dug outs! Scorekeepers too! (they can be in the dugout or field). If players or spectators are asked to leave, failure to comply can result in forfeiture. 

April 26, 2024 - 11:20am

Homerun rules


This weekend it is about bat control, patience, and bombs!

All excess homeruns are outs, with the exception of extra innings. All Extra Inning home runs are IEO. (extra innings are any innings after the 7th or any inning after time has expired).

Home run max: 28

1st inning: 1
2nd inning: 2
3rd inning: 3
4th inning: 4
5th inning: 5
6th inning: 6
7th inning: 7
8th and beyond: 0 and IEO

April 26, 2024 - 07:31am


Screens are not natural to the USSSA game. However this weekend at Ferguson Park, they will be offered with the following rules:

1.    Pitching screen must touch the rubber.
2.    Offensive: if batter has only one strike and strikes the screen, it is a foul ball;
    if batter has two strikes and strikes screen, a dead ball out is declared.

April 24, 2024 - 09:42pm


For more information in regards to this event, please contact:


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